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 +====== What exactly are "Acceptable Results"? ======
 +For us, a project's results were deemed acceptable when the following criteria were met:
 +  * It never killed either of us, and
 +  * never injured either of us, or
 +  * injured us infrequently, or
 +  * injured us with little enough severity that ending the project was not a necessity, and
 +  * didn't cost a lot of money to construct and operate, and
 +  * provided consistent results, and
 +  * the results it provided were more or less within the realms of what we had expected at the onset.
 +To some, these requirements may seem incredibly, if not dangerously, lax. To us, they permit a fantastic degree of freedom when it comes to declaring success. Considering these criteria, and perhaps omitting a few here or there, I would say without a shadow of a doubt we experienced a near 60% success rate. Meaning that for every 10 projects we would have ever considered, 6 didn't kill us.
 +For more information, see our page on project [[standards]].
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