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Alpine Linux

Alpine on HarleyDigital/LJCK

There are a number of locations within the HarleyDigital infrastructure where Alpine Linux can be used to replace Arch Linux, after a thorough vetting process1).

Web Servers

  1. Mirror: small, easy, only needs lighttpd and lots of storage
  2. eBooks/Misc: same as above, but less storage
  3. WebGate (reverse proxy): nginx with libpam (which'll have to be compiled)
  4. LJCK: only needs lighttpd/php, but I don't know when DO will support Alpine

Application Servers

  1. UbunPlex: Might be trouble getting plex running on apline. Also needs transmission.
  2. SSHGate: openssh & google auth pam module
  3. AppServ/AppDev/AppDev1: Shouldn't be a problem, generally just used for nginx/python/perl/bash dev
  4. RPIIDS: I'll have to test to make sure alpine and my script works well on an RPi
  5. ArchPXE: tftp server, decent storage
  6. ArchDock: docker host, there's a 1.8.0 package so that's about all there is to it.
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