“The man who reads lives a million lives, the man who reads none lives only one [if that].” Organized by genre, for the picky people out there. Short blurbs for each to give you an idea. Maybe just an excel file. Someday.

Must Read

Science Fiction



Non Fiction



On Obtaining eBooks

First of all, buy a kindle. Now, to get some ebooks. The easy way: go to amazon books and buy books there.

The Hard(er) Way

  1. Obtain an IRC program. We recommend HexChat.
  2. Connect to irc.irchigway.net, #ebooks channel.
  3. @search author or title
  4. Extract search results.
  5. Copy-paste to chat bar.
  6. Extract Results
  7. http://2epub.com to convert whatever you get to mobi.

NOTICE: This is only for obtaining books that are not copyrighted in any way shape or form. This method CAN NOT be used to obtain copyrighted materials.

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