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 +Just a few projects we've done, plus experience accumulated from years of being recipients of good parenting.
 + Contents
 +  *Tools: the basic tools needed. The more the easier projects become, as with automotive.
 +  *Bookshelves: a basic set of bookshelves, blueprints included.
 +  *Bed: standard twin bed, stackable for bunk.
 +  *Shelves: if you're too lazy to build a bookshelf, this is for you. 
 +  *Table: harder than you would think, actually. Stupid Leveling.
 +  *[[Lea's Desk]] : just starting on a nice desk, very specific to my needs. Modular and customizable of course.
 +  *[[Shoe Rack / Bench]] : John and Leanne came over to Washington for a weekend, this was a spur-of the moment project that came off rather better than expected. Integrated much of the same design as the Bookshelves (pending addition).
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