Dell Poweredge T310

The T310 is one of Dell's 11th generation tower (as opposed to rack mount) servers. It is a lower end server intended for small business use. John obtained his in the summer of 2014, and it has been running continually since then. This page is intended to contain notes and ancillary information regarding this particular machine.


Finding appropriate RAM has been one of the greatest challenges with this computer. Never before have I encountered a computer quite so picky about what works. 11th generation servers are notorious for having RAM trouble, but if you follow the guidelines that Dell has scattered throughout several documents, you can piece together a story that will allow you to upgrade your server.

The T310 has six slots and a maximum capacity of 32GB (4x8GB). For 4GB sticks, the RAM used must meet these qualifications in order to work:

  • DDR3 (not DDR3L)
  • ECC
  • Registered / Buffered
  • 2Rx8
  • 1333MHz (10600)

Unbuffered 4GB sticks can be used as well, but there is a limit of 4. To achieve 24GB (the current most cost effective capacity, unless a super cheap source of 8GB 2Rx8 is found) six 4GB sticks meeting the above qualifications must be used.

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