The only symptom I had of this problem was a strange squeak in reverse, and forwards (but only with the gear engaged and not giving it gas). The squeak was not continues, but rhythmic faster than the wheel speed. So I determined it had to be the driveshaft, with some help from some friends and /r/auto.

Once concluded it was the driveshaft, I there were three parts it could be: front guibo (rubber disc connection shaft and trans), center bearing, and one of the rear U-joints. Pelican parts has some good guides on this also, with some pics. I was too busy WORKING to take pictures, so fuck off.


  • Ratchet, with at least a 8 in extension. You just need it for a few bolts, but man do you need it. When I put took it apart, it didn't occur to me to use an extension
  • Ratchet sockets: 10 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm. And probably some others. Just have *all* the sizes and you're set.
  • Crescent wrench: 18 mm .
  • Jacks, jack stands.

Pretty much it. It's actually a pretty easy job if you go about it correctly.


Sequential steps.

  1. If there, remove X - frame from under the engine. Should be 6 bolts. It's much harder to remove the exhaust (impossible) with this here. Of course I didn't notice it until I had undone all the bolts. Learn from my mistakes, at least somebody should.
  2. See Exhaust on how to remove it.
  3. Remove the heat shield : a few easy bolts here and there, plus a clip securing the oxygen sensor cable to the heat shield.
  4. Guibo : towards the front. It's only absolutely necessary to remove 3/6 bolts to remove it. I recommend removing the ones holding the guibo to the transmission, however this might make the shaft harder to remove. I say might, because I removed all 6. Removing every one after the first entails being able to turn the shaft, which can be a pain, YMMV. Use the crescent wrench to hold the nut in place while you turn the bolt with the ratchet.
  5. Rear U-Joint: four bolts at the very back. 15mm. Once removed, sustain the shaft with wire, or a stand; just keep the weight off it.
  6. Center bearing: two bolts, 13 mm (probably).

Note: you should be done here, if the shaft seems somewhat stuck on the transmission just pull back on it. Note 2: the shaft separates into 2, might make removal easier.

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