Exhaust (removal)

I spent a lot of work on this so you don't have to (yes I did it for *you*, anonymous reader), so pay attention. Ass.


  • Ratchet: with at least 8 in extension. Trust me, you need it.
  • Sockets: , and one other size I can't remember at the moment. It's just one more bolt, gimme a break jeez.
  • Jacks, jack stands.


  1. Remove X-guard under engine. REMOVE IT. Now put it back. This is a cross-shaped guard directly under the engine, only present on some models, so don't worry if it's not there.
  2. Seriously, put it back.
  3. Just kidding, not yet.
  4. Undo 6 bolts connecting engine manifold to exhaust. Easy to say, not so much to do. This is the hardest part. I used a pipe to give me some leverage on the ratchet. This is where you need that ratchet extension. .
  5. NOW put the guard back. Not really necessary, but it helps in holding up the front of the system while you work on the other supports.
  6. There are only 2 other locations where the system is connected to the car. One is in the rear, at the muffler, and the other is almost exactly in the center. I recommend finding something to support the system while you undo these supports.
  7. The center support is simply two rubber things, simply hooked into hangers. They can either be unhooked, or the hangers can be unbolted. Unbolting the hangers is easy, I recommend it.
  8. The rear support is two clamps, one on either side of the muffler, held by one bolt each. Loosen both, undo one and slide the exhaust out of the other. This will make remounting easier.
  9. Installation is reverse of removal.
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