Nikon F80

The Nikon F80 is a fantastic 35mm SLR. It can use all modern (provided they're full frame) Nikon lenses in an entirely electronic fashion. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that it uses film instead of a CCD, this would be a digital camera. It's very hard to get a bad shot from this camera. The metering is incredibly precise, the autofocus is fast and sharp, and it even loads and rewinds the film for you. While it may not be a lot of “fun” to use, it is an excellent choice if you want to take very good film photographs quickly and with little to no risk of wasting film. The main downside is that it uses those funny little lithium camera batteries; so when they're exhausted you can't just grab AAs from the desk drawer and go. They do last a very long time though.

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