I've been working with these drives for a few years now, specifically the ioDriveII and the ioScale2. I figured I should probably start taking note of what I'm finding.


Use in Windows

Conveniently, these cards are very easy to use in windows. I've been using Dell_IO_Management_3.2.15.1699_x64.exe in Windows 7, 10, Server 2012-2019, and it has worked great.

Use in ESXi

These cards are also very easy to use in ESXi 5.0-6.7u2. Download the zipped vib (scsi-iomemory-vsl-60L- and install it manually through the CLI.

  esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/vibname.vib 

Use in Proxmox

Kind of a pain, but this post outlines it well: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/configuring-fusion-io-sandisk-iodrive-iodrive2-ioscale-and-ioscale2-cards-with-proxmox.54832/

Right now this tops out at Proxmox 5.4. Version 6 is based on Debian 10 and currently the fusionIO drivers won't build on Debian 10. They're working on it.

Use in Debian/Ubuntu

Kind of the same as above, I haven't really figured it out yet. I dunno.

Use in CentOS 7

The drivers do build and work well in CentOS 7. Right now I'm using both an ioDrive2 and an ioScale on kernel 3.10.0-957.27.2.el7.x86_64. You need to get the utilities, source, and docs “from WD”. The linux install docs do a good job explaining how to build it.

  sudo yum update -y ; sudo yum install epel-release -y ; sudo yum install htop tmux lsof pciutils -y ; sync ; reboot
  sudo yum install rsync tar gcc make kernel-devel-`uname -r` rpm-build
  rpmbuild --rebuild iomemory-vsl-
  sudo rpm -Uvh /home/john/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/iomemory-vsl-3.10.0-957.27.2.el7.x86_64-
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