Settling In

Today we cook! Finally. You have no idea. I've eaten enough cold lunches to last the rest of my life. Cold pumpkin, cold peas, cold rice, cold chicken, cold beets, cold, cold cold. Ugh. Enough. I've been dreaming, drooling over food - American food, mexican food, food food. Killing myself. And now the day has finally come. We've spent all day in TY shopping. I bought a of peanut butter.1) About three dollars. I've actually spent quite a bit, it doesn't translate super well to dollars, but compared to how much we get, it's a big chunk. Honey, for example, was super expensive. And I couldn't even afford the olive oil. There's been so much, I'm at a loss for words. Ugh I should've brought my journal.

Well, not much has changed as far as training goes, it's still incredibly boring. The daily routine will change with the addition of food, otherwise it's much the same. I got to ride in the front seat of the taxi today! I think it's mostly the beard, they treat me as an 'ntate'.2) What else. It's amazing, I'm sure there are things that would jump out to you, but I've already gotten accustomed. I actually have a list, but naturally not with me. I'll just go make comments on the pictures, and I'll have a proper post next time.

2.2 lb, for the uninitiated.
Older man due respect. Ironic, I know.
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