The Life and Times of Lea Rodriguez

The time has come. Lea is finally starting a blog. Shudder.1) For those of you who don’t know me - I pity you. For those of you who do, I congratulate you.2) The main drive behind this piece of utter narcissism3) is that I’m going to Lesotho for my peace corps assignment and certain family members insist that I keep in touch4). However, I will certainly not limit my scope to family members, so be warned - no self-censoring.5) Of course, one doesn't have to be family to read this. I'll be sending out the link to anyone whom I've felt at all close to over the past few years. And maybe when you're really bored, you'll end up here. I'll update this every now and then to let everyone know I'm still alive and kicking, and share my immense wisdom of 23 years, and to try to be funny.6) If there's something you don't like on here, or something personal you would like to discuss with me about what I wrote, please don't.7) Note that this does NOT mean don't send me emails asking how I am or whatnot8), but really just that I'm fairly free expressing myself in writing, at a distance, and that would not transfer well to actual conversations.

Below are links to each entry. A slightly awkward way of doing it, but footnotes were waaay more annoying on, say, blogger. So here we are. All post titles will be preceded by a date, and the newest posts will always be at the top of their respective section.

Red links have not yet been created.

NC Posts - Pre Lesotho.


How I wished I would never have to say those words.
By which I mean I'm so sorry. I hear there's a support group.
Other than being an utter narcissist, of course.
Oh how the demands of society weigh on me.
Just kidding, I'm going to censor the everlasting @#*$5@ out of myself.
I might use a few footnotes - just every now and then. Not like I would overuse them or anything.
So awkward. Only the personal stuff, anything else is fair game.
Though that's the purpose of the blog…
I was told to put this here, interestingly.
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