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 +====== MSP 430 ======
 +A fun microcontroller project we picked up a relatively short while ago, some programming for those who need to see real-life results. We started out with the [[ http://​e2e.ti.com/​group/​msp430launchpad/​w/​default.aspx | Launchpad]] a wonderfully cheap little board that allows you to interface with the chip easily through usb. Programming is done in C, so if you don't know any programming,​ this is a great place to learn.
 +There are several projects that cascade off of the MSP, but are unrelated to each other. ​
 +  * [[Numitron Tubes]] - Very cool soviet-era incandescent 7-segment displays that **don'​t** need insane voltages to run!
 +  * [[mspmet|MSP-MET]] - An MSP430-based Meteorological Data Collection System
 +  * [[nokia5110|Nokia 5110 LCD]]
 +  * [[msplinux|MSP430 & Linux]] - Using the MSP430 Launchpad in Linux
 +  * [[1602A LCD]] - 16x2 display
 +  * [[DS32KHz]] - A 32.768KHz Temperature-Compensated Oscilator
 +  * [[mspxtaltest|Testing the MSP430 Crystal]] - Once you have the crystal soldered on your launchpad, or if you're using an external crystal, you're going to want to know whether or not it works.
 +  * [[MSP7seg|Turn an MSP430 into a 7segment display driver]]
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