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 ===== CCS Version ===== ===== CCS Version =====
-This is from TI's demo code examples. It blinks the LED on the launchpad, or toggles P1.0 if you have your MSP on another board.+This is from TI's demo code examples. It blinks the LED on the launchpad, or toggles P1.0 if you have your MSP on another board. We've tested this code on both MSP430G2231s and 2553s.
 <file c main.c> <file c main.c>
 //​****************************************************************************** //​******************************************************************************
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     IE1 |= OFIE; // Enable Osc Fault     IE1 |= OFIE; // Enable Osc Fault
 } }
 +===== MSPGCC Version =====
 +This is the same as the above code, except it builds in MSPGCC. **NOTE:** I have not gotten this code to work! I'm just putting it here for reference, also as a reminder to fix it - though I am not familiar with mspgcc, so if someone else can figure it out, contact me.
 +<file c main.c>
 +// MSP430F20xx Demo - LFXT1 Oscillator Fault Detection
 +// Description:​ System runs normally in LPM3 with WDT timer clocked by
 +// 32kHz ACLK with a 1x4 second interrupt. P1.0 is normally pulsed every
 +// second inside WDT interrupt. If an LFXT1 oscillator fault occurs,
 +// NMI is requested forcing exit from LPM3. P1.0 is toggled rapidly by software
 +// as long as LFXT1 oscillator fault is present. Assumed only LFXT1 as NMI
 +// source - code does not check for other NMI sources.
 +// ACLK = LFXT1 = 32768, MCLK = SMCLK = Default DCO
 +// //*External watch crystal on XIN XOUT is required for ACLK*//
 +// M. Buccini / L. Westlund
 +// Texas Instruments Inc.
 +// September 2005
 +// Built with CCE Version: 3.2.0 and IAR Embedded Workbench Version: 3.40A
 +// modified by justin solarski to work with MSPGCC 4.0
 +#include <​msp430.h>​
 +#include <​signal.h>​ // must be included for interrupt handler
 +volatile unsigned int i;
 +void main(void)
 +WDTCTL = WDT_ADLY_1000;​ // WDT 1s interval timer
 +IE1 |= WDTIE; // Enable WDT interrupt
 +P1DIR = 0xFF; // All P1.x outputs
 +P1OUT = 0; // All P1.x reset
 +P2DIR = 0xFF; // All P2.x outputs
 +P2OUT = 0; // All P2.x reset
 +BCSCTL3 = XCAP_3; //12.5pF cap- setting for 32768Hz crystal
 +// An immedate Osc Fault will occur next
 +IE1 |= OFIE; // Enable Osc Fault
 +_enable_interrupt();​ // enable interrupts added for mspgcc
 +P1OUT ^= 0x01; // Toggle P1.0 using exclusive-OR
 +_BIS_SR(LPM3_bits + GIE); // Enter LPM3 w/interrupt
 +//#pragma vector=WDT_VECTOR removed for mspgcc
 +interrupt(WDT_VECTOR) watchdog_timer (void) //​__interrupt void watchdog_timer (void) removed for mspgcc
 +_BIC_SR_IRQ(LPM3_bits);​ // Clear LPM3 bits from 0(SR)
 +//#pragma vector=NMI_VECTOR removed for mspgcc
 +interrupt(NMI_VECTOR) nmi_ (void) //​__interrupt void nmi_ (void) removed for mspgcc
 +IFG1 &= ~OFIFG; // Clear OSCFault flag
 +for (i = 0xFFF; i > 0; i--); // Time for flag to set
 +P1OUT ^= 0x01; // Toggle P1.0 using exclusive-OR
 +while (IFG1 & OFIFG); // OSCFault flag still set?
 +IE1 |= OFIE; // Enable Osc Fault
 +And here's a makefile you can use with the above code. Remember to change the mmcu flag to reflect the MCU you're using.
 +<file c makefile>​
 +CFLAGS=-Os -Wall -g -mmcu=msp430g2553
 +all: $(OBJS)
 + $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o main.elf $(OBJS)
 +%.o: %.c
 + $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $<
 + rm -fr main.elf $(OBJS)
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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