Spectracom NetClock/GPS 9383

Picked up from Facebook Marketplace seller on 2020-03-17 for $100. Unit was decommissioned from an FAA site and legally obtained by the seller.

Status Info

Static System Information
Product Name is Spectracom Corp. Model 9383
Application Name is hs92XX
Application Rev is 3.4.5
Application Date is 01/18/2010
SSH Rev is OpenSSH_4.7p1
SSL Rev is OpenSSL 0.9.8e 23 Feb 2007
NTP Rev is 4.2.0@1.1161-r
Unit's Serial Number: red
GPS Receiver Serial Number: red 02/09/2010
MAC Address: 00:d0:c9:xx:xx:xx
CF Size: 260 MBytes
CF Firmware Rev: 241-0230
CF Serial Number: red
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