This page is specifically for saving OF commands and info that I regularly forget and had to track down elsewhere. No more!


Switch to boot picker from OF:


Switch to OF from boot picker: (hold option after chime)

control z

Eject CD at boot picker: hold E at cursor (not watch)

Disable boot picker network scan:

setenv skip-netboot? true

Launch firewire target disk mode


Set Date and Time:

time&date hh:mm:ss mm/dd/yyyy


decimal dev rtc sec min hour day month year set-time
decimal dev rtc 10 15 23 31 12 2005 set-time

OS X Specific

Verbose boot

setenv boot-args -v

Disable altivec:

setenv boot-args novmx=1

Booting from USB

On some machines (which?) USB devices simply show up in the boot picker. If not…

OF v4.9 / 5.2 and newer

boot ud:,\\:tbxi

Older OF

Determine USB device path with dev / ls and devalias

Look for something like this:


Then boot with:

boot usb0/disk:2,\\:tbxi
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