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Lea and John are both dyed-in-the-wool capitalists; often much to the chagrin of their wallets. This is not to say they go around spending their money like crazy, but they do enjoy having nice things - and spreading the word about them. There are a lot of different products (be they tools, clothes, utilities, or otherwise) that they have discovered over the years that they think everyone should know about for one reason or another1). They will be listing some of those things here. This is going to be a raw, unorganized, list for the time being, and will be expanded and organized as time wears on.

  • Seiko SNK809 - Easily one of the most cost effective wristwatches ever.
  • Garmin GPS72 - A very high quality GPS, appropriate for all sorts of situations.
  • Thinkpad X61 - ultraportible laptop that doesn't skimp on charm or utility.
  • Thinkpad T410 - powerhouse laptop that leaves little to be desired.
  • Nikon F80 - Simple to use and highly versatile film camera.
  • Sansa Clip+ - Cheap little MP3 player that can be expanded with microSD cards and rockbox.
  • Amazon Kindle - The best ereader we've come across yet, so good that Lea has bought at least nine of them.
  • Nook with Glowlight - Not a kindle, but a backlighted ereader. I'm not particularly thrilled with it, but I have a lot to say.
  • Logitech M510 - High quality wireless mouse.
  • Logitech K360 - Comfortable and compact wireless keyboard, pairs well with the M510
  • Thinkvision L180p - High quality LCD made by Lenovo.
  • Ultrasharp 170x - Amazing LCDs made by Dell.
  • Wigwam Smartwool Socks - No joke. These are the best socks I've ever worn.
  • Maglite LED Flashlights - Want a high quality LED flashlight? Look no further.
  • Sony NEX-5 - Powerful digital camera with a full size sensor and near-pocketable size.
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