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 ====== Scraps ====== ====== Scraps ======
 +Bits and pieces I want to be able to grab quickly. This page will change frequently.
 +===== ntplogtemp =====
 +/usr/local/bin/ntplogtemp -o -l /chronyLogs/temps
 +sed '/ZONE0/d' -i /chronyLogs/temps
 +sed '/sensor/d' -i /chronyLogs/temps
 +sed -i 's/LM0/CPU/g' /chronyLogs/temps
 +sed -i 's/LM1/CPU/g' /chronyLogs/temps
 +===== Quick Pi ID =====
 +Easy way to get a quick visual indicator to ID a Pi you're remoted into:
 +Blink pwr LED at 1Hz:
 +<code>echo timer | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/led1/trigger</code>
 +Set pwr LED back to monitor voltage:
 +<code>echo input | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/led1/trigger</code>
 +===== Build GPSD =====
 +scons target_python=python3.7 pps=yes bluez=no tsip=no tripmate=no tnt=no \
 +superstar2=no skytraq=no sirf=no oncore=no navcom=no mtk3301=no itrax=no \
 +geostar=no fv18=no fury=no evermore=no earthmate=no ashtech=no aivdm=no
 +===== Disable GUI Ubuntu/Debian =====
 +sudo systemctl set-default multi-user
 ===== Raspberry Pi Heartbeat ===== ===== Raspberry Pi Heartbeat =====
 <code file=config.txt> <code file=config.txt>
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