SIL3112 Optical Drive Support on PCI Macs

This table serves as a reference for determining which SATA optical drives work with the SIL3112 PCI SATA card, including host OS and machine information.


  • Use the numeric/decimal form of the OS version only, unless otherwise required. (e.g. 7.6.1, 9.2.2, 10.3.9, OS X Server 1.2)
  • Use the model ID when denoting host machine type (e.g. PowerMac3,3)
  • If multiple OS versions are tested on the same platform (and achieve the same results) they may share the same line. Differing results should be on new lines.
  • Reads/writes supported modes means the drive operates in the way the manufacturer intended (e.g. a DVD-R drive won't burn a -DL disc, this is expected and should not be noted). It should be answered with a yes unless a mode is found to not work. -RW and -RAM media are not being tested unless noted otherwise.
ODD Manufacturer ODD Model Host OS Host Machine ROM Version Reads supported modes? Writes supported modes? Bootable Notes Tester Test date
Samsung SH-S223Q 10.5.8 PowerMac7,3 Yes JSM 2019-01-02
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