The Guys

Lea Mixon

Lea is a Mechanical Engineer currently embarked on a 27 month adventure teaching Math in Lesotho for the Peace Corps. You can learn more about this by checking the page he will be updating semi-regularly here.


John Miller

John is a Solution Engineer supporting the Public Safety Team at Esri. He is located in Bangor, ME. He specializes in supporting public safety entities at the local, state, and federal level with GIS. His hobbies include digital and analog photography, small electronics, maintaining both tropical and marine aquariums, and essentially everything listed on this site.


Secondary Contributors

Matthew Hiles

Matthew works at NetApp in RTP, NC. He is the official master of all things Linux, µC, and Asian. He is a Mauve belt in Arnise and is Certifiably Awesome™. He also runs LJCK's brother site, Married to Hannah Hiles.


Hannah Hiles

Hannah is John's older sister; Library Science major at NCCU. She is arguably the most creative of the group, and is incredibly musically and visually talented. She operates LJCK's sister site,, a sometimes-blog where she organizes her creative endeavors.


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