It is important for one to realize, before taking any information on this site too seriously, how exactly this “stuff” is put together. The contents of this site are not pulled from stacks of documents or data logs - it's pulled from our minds, directly. We have a bad habit of not documenting many of our projects, at least in writing, so much information is lost. Many projects have photographs associated with them, and a select few have videos. There is essentially no written record of what we were doing when we were doing it.

Because of this, we can only write what we either directly extrapolate from pictures/video, or what we remember. What we don't fully remember, we ignore, fabricate, or editorialize in some way or another. In light of this, many of the project pages are written keeping in mind that hindsight is 20/20. There are a lot of phases along the lines of “we should have done so and so” or “had we used , we would have saved a lot of time.” This is to benefit us in the future if we ever revisit these projects, and to benefit you should you ever choose to recreate anything we did. It's also because we don't remember how we did something, so what we write is often how we would have done something.

This will also be written almost entirely stream-of-consciousness, only edited on occasion. Glaring errors and contradictions will be fixed as they are found, but small errors (e.g. grammatical) will likely linger until one of us gets really bored and wants to go through and make the appropriate corrections. This also isn't meant to be a deadpan encyclopedia-esque presentation. It's more of a narrative. Why? When writing stream-of-consciousness, narratives are the easiest way to go. We're most interested in doing the least work possible that still gets us a finished product1). We've also found that narratives are more pleasurable to read than just about anything else.

That said, our original intentions were for this to be written entirely third person, but more often than not it's considerably easier (read: lazier.) to use personal pronouns to describe our experiences. Where it gets confusing is when there are personal pronouns representing two people in two different areas. It is not at all uncommon for either Lea or I (guess who's writing now?) to start an article, and within that article use a personal pronoun, and then at some point the author changes due to either edits or some sort of addition. In this case there is a single article partially written by two people, each using personal pronouns. At this point the reader can either assume it's either Lea or John, or the reader can try and decipher the writing styles2) and figure out who wrote what. Generally, though, writing in the third person will be attempted. Honestly, though, both Lea and John have the same things to say regarding each article, so most of the time you'd be hard pressed to really decipher who wrote what.

Note: Lea is not a native English speaker. This is demonstrated in his writing. In the excellence of his writing, I mean.
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