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 +====== Windows ======
 +Ahhh Windows. The crux of general computing, the essence of modern life boiled down to one, simple, beautiful operating system (commence flame war). At any rate, here's a bunch of tips and tricks that will make your life a bit easier.
 +===== Random Hints and Tips =====
 +  * Delete the hibernation file: this is a nice little trick to save some space on your hard drive. Not really necessary unless you have limited space, such as when using a SSD. This will delete the file and disable hibernation.
 +    - Run the command prompt: windows + r >> cmd
 +    - powercfg -h off
 +===== Fresh Install =====
 +Every now and then it's good to just completely reinstall windows. Used to, this would take hours and hours, but I believe our record is now somewhere in the vicinity of 10 minutes, with a USB drive and a SSD.
 +  - Get a copy of windows. 
 +  - Use [[http://windows7usbcreator.com/|Windows 7 USB Creator]] to get windows onto a bootable flash drive. If you don't have a flash drive big enough, get one. I refuse to give instructions on using a CD, it would be akin to giving instructions on how to hand-spin silk when telling you how to tie a knot (single or double Windsor is the easiest).
 +  - Plug in the drive, reboot. It probably won't boot from the drive, you'll have to go into BIOS and change the boot device. 
 +  - Blah blah blah installing windows.
 +  - Go to [[http://ninite.com|Ninite.com]] to save yourself a bunch of time installing most of your programs.
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