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Communication Notes

Coordinates (plug into google earth/maps) S30 ; E027 - the little round house is mine. As you can see, very close to the main road, makes traveling super easy.

Phone/WhatsApp #: 266 5051 2702

Email address / paypal1) : I'll reply whenever I have internet, usually once every couple of weeks.

This is the address if anyone would like to send me things/cards. Putting christian symbols on the box helps prevent theft.

Leandro J Rodriguez , PCV

US Peace Corps

PO Box 554,

Maseru, 100


(Southern Africa)

Wish List!

If anyone wants to send me things, but is at a loss for what to send, here's some help. Seriously though, just a /wish/ list. They're listed in order of wanting-ness, but anything would be absolutely awesome. Also, include a note or something so I can shower you in thanks. The links are just suggestions/illustrations. Oh, and if you can find any of these used, even better.2)

  • 10x50 mm prismatic binocular - I want these for stargazing - hence the specific type. Soo many stars in the sky, but I could see so much more with these. Plus for mountain-climbing, seeing the villages off in the hazy distance.
  • Ipod shuffle - running is boring.
  • A waterproof, small, digital camera. I have kicked myself so many times for not bringing my camera on my runs/hikes, this would be amazing. And would help you see more of the country.3)
  • Sunshirt (small) - it's absurdly sunny here.
  • Lightweight pants (medium, or 32×30). I have to wear pants for school, but it gets awfully warm under these tin roofs with no air conditioning.
  • Hammock - For napping. High priority!
  • Protein powder - only available in the capital, at absurd prices. And it's pretty difficult to have a high-protein diet as it is, with what no fridge and all.
  • Ziploc bags - see above.

Current list of desires: nutella, gum (extra peppermint and trident fruity layers are the best), all-natural peanut butter (food snob, I know), pilot G2-05 pens, Coffee beans, spices of all sorts, a starchart would be neat, as would a book on the geology of the area, and if someone wants to be suuper generous, I'd be eternally4) grateful for a tablet of some sort with a bluetooth keyboard, so I have something with better battery life and more portable than this laptop. Ooh and a portable harddrive would be awesome too, my current harddrive needs to be plugged in and is therefore next to useless.5)

For those who want to send me something but are too lazy to send me a package. This would be great, the dollar is super strong here.
For you haha.
And my antics.
Well, maybe not eternally, but certainly very.
See how well I'm adjusting to no electricity? Haha. But it's just nice to be able to watch a show or movie every now and then, especially when I go to site, where I won't be able to leave for three months, and school won't start 'till a month in.
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