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 +# script to bincue CDs with cdrdao
 +unset imgname
 +echo Input desired image name
 +read imgname
 +sudo cdrdao read-cd --read-raw --device /dev/sr0 --datafile /tmp/$imgname.bin /tmp/$imgname.cue
 +sudo mv /tmp/$imgnanme* /mnt/Data
 +sudo chmod 777 /mnt/Data/$imgname*
 +sudo chown john /mnt/Data/$imgname*
 +read -p "Done. Do you want to run again? (y/n) " -n 1 -r
 +echo    # (optional) move to a new line
 +if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[Yy]$ ]]
 +    eject
 +    exec /home/john/cdimage.sh
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